Thanks for visiting my teaching materials for Maiko Masquerade.

Here, I’ve created discussion activities, reading questions, and short writing assignments. I organize these around each chapter in Maiko Masquerade.

I’d enjoy hearing about your teaching ideas, too.  I’ll be adding to these instructional materials as I learn more from instructors and readers, and as more maiko stories unfold. I look forward to your suggestions.  — Jan Bardsley

Links to teaching materials (in progress)

10 Questions for Maiko Masquerade
Introduction: Maiko, Kyoto’s Apprentice Geisha
Ch 1.  The Maiko’s Hanamachi Home
Ch 2.  The Well-Mannered Career Path
Ch 3.  Life in the Hanamachi: Voices of Maiko and Geiko
Ch 4.  From Victim to Artist: Maiko Stories in Movies and Manga
Ch 5.  Adventures of a Boy Maiko: There Goes Chiyogiku!
Ch 6.  Hit a Homer, Maiko! Maiko Visual Comedy
Conclusion: The Ordinary Girl in the Maiko Masquerade